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Painting Home Interiors

chic-home-interior-decorating-by-designer-j-randall-powers-10You can make money by painting home interiors as either a part-time or a full-time home business. This service doesn’t require much training. The main qualifications are attention to certain details and care in protecting floors and furniture. You usually can find instruction booklets at paint stores or the large building products stores (Lowe’s or Home Depot). You can get started with basic painting equipment and a vehicle for transporting them.

How much should you charge for your painting services? That depends on the local economy and the competition. You probably want to charge less than professional painters do, at least at first. However, don’t rely too much on a low fee to get customers. You need to make money sufficient to pay for your time and effort. Besides, customers may regard a low fee as an indication of inferior work. Instead, promote extra features of your home business. This could be rapid service, working on nights or weekends, or discounts on future jobs.

Be sure to take care of any governmental and insurance requirements for your home

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Interior Design Tips For the Kitchen

Interior-design-ideas-kitchen-island-leather-chairs-white-kitchen-cabinetsHome improvement and interior design are issues for anyone who moves into a new house or apartment. When a person invites a guest to their home, the style and mode of furniture and upkeep on their home speaks volumes about their individual personalities. These are some helpful interior design tips for the kitchen.

Identify the overall theme the kitchen’s style will conform too. Make sure that all appliances and decor placed around the kitchen all relate to each other. For instance, if a person wants an Italian bistro theme, keep the aura of wine and Italian fixtures throughout the kitchen. Do not mix and match old fashioned and modern motifs because it is a fashion crime.

Picking the right colors for the walls and floors are also the most basic form of design tips. Pick the colors most desired. For instance, a white tiled floor will pretty much match any color that is put on the walls. A good factor in determining color of the kitchen is the counters and cabinets. Once again, make sure that all of

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Wall Painting Tips

free-interior-wall-painting-ideas-modern-decor-on-wall-design-ideasInterior Wall Painting

Prepare the Room
The carpet and the furniture need to be protected from paint splatters. Place all the movable furniture in the middle of the room, and remember to cover everything, including the floor with plastic sheets. By shifting the furniture, you will get enough room to move around freely while painting. Fix the sheets tightly using masking tape.

Prepare the Walls
All curtains, wall hangings, electrical outlets, light fixtures, etc., should be removed from the wall surface. Those which cannot be removed should be covered up with plastic bags. Any holes or cracks should be repaired. Clean the wall to get rid of dirt and debris as they can prevent the paint from bonding well with the surface.

Select the Right Paint
Opt for latex paints as they are easy to apply. Semi-gloss paints are ideal for kitchen and bathroom walls as these areas are exposed to a lot of water every day. Choosing interior paint colors is a major concern. When the size of the room is small, opt for light colors. Dark shades are suitable for large

House Painting Safety Tips

Times are tough for many people in the United States. In some cases, individuals cannot afford to buy new clothing, go to the movies, or travel on a family vacation. It should come as no surprise, then, that the costs associated with hiring a professional painting company are much too high for individuals living in these difficult financial times. Instead, many people choose to paint the interior-and sometimes even exterior-of their homes themselves. To ensure optimal results when it comes to this process, following basic safety tips is a must. Using caution with a ladder, spray equipment, and avoiding paint fumes when possible is essential for those who want to maintain safety while painting their house.

Ladder Safety

When it comes to maintaining safety while painting a house, understanding the proper use of a ladder is crucial. For starters, do-it-yourself painters should be sure to look for a ladder that is sturdy, well constructed, and features rubber “feet” designed to prevent slips and falls. Using caution when standing on a ladder is also important for painters who wish to prevent potential injury. Keeping a three-point stance while painting-where at least two feet and one hand is

Home Lighting Holiday Tips

‘Tis the season of putting up those Christmas lights! And there are plenty of ways to have a lot of really nice lights and decorations up without it looking tacky and just being an eye sore to the public. You want to have cars slowly going by your home admiring the light display you have created and not slowing down because they cannot believe the light catastrophe you have made as though you were trying to contact people from outer space because it is so bright!

First you want to make a note of what kind of home you have. An old Victorian home should be decorates a little bit differently from a modern one story or 2 story home. If you have that older home then you want to think elegance and class. Do not just waste electricity blinding your neighbors putting lights up on every single fixture you have. And remember that too many things in the yard being clutter and are visually disturbing. In many cases less home lighting is more.

If you have that one story home then you may want to consider lights around the roof line and along your fence

Furniture Cleaning Tips

Wood furniture is elegant and timeless, and it makes the home look warm and inviting but, come cleaning time, it can easily be ruined if you don’t know what you are doing; these wood furniture cleaning tips can make this job easier on you and prevent you from damaging valuable pieces of furniture. Take the time to read these tips; a couple of minutes can save you a lot of money.

  • Get information and do your research – probably the most important of these cleaning tips. Make sure that you know what wood you are working with and what kinds of cleaning products will not damage it. If you are not sure, take a small piece of furniture (like a stool, for example) and have an expert look at it.
  • Cleaning wood furniture is an ongoing process. Make sure you wipe oiled wood with a soft cloth every day to get rid of dust. Remove white spots by using toothpaste (but only a very small amount!)
  • Use furniture oil only a few times a year. You can make your own or buy a commercial brand. If you only follow one of these furniture cleaning tips, follow this one: apply

Furniture Shopping Tips

One of the exciting stages for newlywed is building their house and creating a beautiful home with good quality furniture out of the empty space. It’s exciting to see how two different tastes in design and style will merge in the furniture that they will choose to put in their home. That includes choosing the bed, dining table set, sofa and chairs, coffee table, night stands, etc. After the wedding, the young couple will probably be busy and concerned with finding the right furniture pieces for their home. And depending on the budget, style and design preference, the newlyweds can check the many furniture shops in the market offering a variety of bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen furniture, for starters.

While some newlyweds may be fortunate enough not to be restricted with budget for their furniture requirements, many young couples do not share the same luck. Their limited financial capability may also restrict their choices of furniture. If they seek furniture shopping tips from their families and friends, they will probably be advised to start with used or second-hand furniture. Used furniture definitely costs half of what can be spent in brand new furniture. Second-hand

Home Roof Installation Tips and Basics

Home remodeling is a popular way for homeowners to inject some personality into a house and it can all start with a new roof installation.
The roof is not only one of the most noticeable parts of a home’s construction, but it’s one of the most important as well.

As a result of both its prominence and the important job that it does in protecting your, your family and your property, it makes sense that you want your home’s roof to be in its best condition while, at the same time, looking its absolute best.

Roof designs are extremely versatile, with the various styles and materials that make home rooftops being designed to serve different functional purposes. With that in mind, there are many different things that you want to remember when you’re looking at the different choices that are available to you for your roof installation.

Use the shape of the roof as the basis for your remodeling project.

The shape of the roof is often the first thing that many people notice when they look at it and all roof designs are functional in some way.

When looking at the shape

Lamp Lighting Decorating Tips

You must be budget wise while changing the lighting of your home or changing the interior. With some creativity and thought you can make wonders to the look of your interior without having to spend large amount of money. While thinking of a overhaul of the home décor, you must more than anything else pay attention to color, decorating mistakes to avoid, themes and styles to choose etc.

You can start by allowing yourself some time to think of the style that would like to create in your rooms and then the colors and accents that you would like to see incorporated. When deciding for a home redecoration, color is a very important element as it can conceal many imperfections. It can also be used wisely to create a focal point or to decrease and enlarge available space.

When it comes to analyzing preferences and styles, many people like to have a wrought iron lamp for their living rooms. This kind of lamp has been used since ancient times as both a beautiful and durable construction material in design and architecture. As these lamps are made from solid iron, they add an element of majesty and

Roof Repair Tips to Save You Money

Doing home repairs without hiring someone is growing in popularity. More and more homeowners are opting to do home repairs themselves to save some money. If you are looking to fix some minor problem with your roof, you have come to the right place. In this article you will learn small roof repair tips that you can do yourself.

Chances are, if you are reading this article you already have your mind set on fixing your roof yourself. Or, you are trying to decide if you really want to even bother trying to fix the roof yourself. Either way, throughout this article you are going to find roof repair tips to save money and time.

Over time, many roof shingles begin to shows signs of distress and need repair. You can always hire a contractor to do the repairs, however it will likely cost you more to bring someone in to do it than it will for you to repair yourself. If you want to repair a single shingle or maybe a few shingles you can follow these tips and do it yourself.

1. Bent back shingles?

Simple use roof cement to repair. Straighten

Roof Replacement Tips

Roof replacement is the number one thing to do in the hierarchy of home renovation workflow. If you do not protect your home properly with a roof first, every other home remodeling task is going to be ruined. As for the old house with a damaged roof, read on to find out more about roof replacement tips to get you started.

When you are unsure about the extent of damage, you can always contact your home owner’s insurance company and have someone come and assess the roof damage. If a natural disaster was the culprit behind your damaged roof, you will be delighted to know that the cost of replacing your old roof is going to be covered by the insurance company.

Next, find a really experienced roofing company that has a proper license or is bonded and can provide you a proof of insurance. To know whether the roofing company is really good at what they are doing, you can always find out about the list of homes that have their roof replacements recently completed by the company.

You can always call your friends, neighbors or co-workers for further recommendations. If your roof damage

Material With Roofing Installation Tips

With the roof being a primary requirement in house building roofing installation tips can come in handy for the home owner. It is a major part of the construction process for a new home or for the one you are remodeling. There are many processes you can go step by step for with the materials you want to use in the process. Having some knowledge right away would help in doing a roof more efficiently.

Types of material

Depending on the type of material you want to use, you can go about using the roofing installation tips. There are different ways to put up roofs made from myriad materials like steel, solar or corrugated fiberglass. You need to check out the different techniques required for the various materials and some solid research on the internet can help in arming you with the right tips and know-how.

Primarily, before working with roofing materials, you have to check the underlayment for getting the best possible protection against ice and rain water. If they start seeping into your building, you could be in serious problem.

With your roof, the underlayment provides additional shredding for your building. There

Apartment Interior Design Tips For Single Men

Design Tip 1: Create an Attention Grabbing Accent Wall

Apartment interior design tips for single men starts with an accent wall. An accent wall will pull in the interest of anyone when initially entering the room. This is especially effective in the small living area of an apartment where there is an untidy coffee table displaying last nights pizza meal or clothes on the floor, that didn’t make it to the laundry basket.

What exactly is an accent wall? It’s one wall in a room painted with a mural or contrasting color. It could also be wall papered or mirrored. As long as it’s different from the rest of the walls in the room – it becomes an accent.

One word of warning, if you choose to paint the walls a different color over the existing wall color in the apartment, check with your landlord to discuss options or leasing restrictions.

Design Tip 2: Choose Space Saving Furniture

Space in an apartment is always at a premium. To get the most out of this limited living space, shop for sectional furniture. Sectionals do not create unused space like the more typical couch, 2

Quick And Easy Interior Design

Looking for interior design tips. There is nothing more depressing then entering your home to a beige room and a beige chair. For many people having no decorating sense can affect their social lives. After all, who wants to invite people over to dinner when you have a cardboard table and one chair? If you are like thousands of other people who consider themselves design challenged then this is a must read article.

For many people who are designed challenged decorating a space can be overwhelming. There so many different choices you need to commit to and hundreds of colors to choose from. The choices are endless and the possibilities of furniture placement simply are mind boggling. Where does the average person start when trying to create an interior decorated space? Start here with these simple interior design tips.

Before you make any decisions on furniture, color, theme, or placement pull out your measuring tape. Measure the area you want to decorate, concentrate on one area of your home at a time and if this is your first decorating experience, start small. Measure the perimeter walls, measure the floor diagonals and measure the floor to ceiling.

Sofa Buying Tips

There are no set rules in buying a sofa. It’s all about personal taste and preference but unless you want to replace your sofa too quickly, you have to answer these questions to determine what’s right for you:

1. Sofa Size: The size of your sofa may not be determined by the space you have but by whether you live in an apartment, a house, on the ground floor or upstairs. You need to know the maximum height and width of your doors, stairs, elevator and hallway to make sure the sofa gets into your home.

Some sofa manufacturers can build around the above or supply their sofas with bolt on arms or in small pieces to be put together in situ.

Other things to consider:

2. Upholstery material (leather, fabric or PVC): Choose material that matches your life style, that looks good, can hide soils and will last you long enough to recoup money spent!

To get the best from your sofa, determine:

* How the sofa will be used?

* How often it will be used.

* Are there animals and kids around?

* What the room

Window and Door Maintenance Tips

It’s important to keep your home in good working condition, not only for comfort and energy efficiency but also for appearance and marketability. Here is a handy checklist to help you maintain your windows and doors:

    • Check for tight-fitting weather strips on the bottoms of every exterior door before the winter season. This will help keep pests out and improve energy efficiency.
    • Adjust deadbolt strike plates and door knobs twice a year to ensure your doors shut tightly as changes in temperature and weather conditions can cause problems with the door latches. You can add plastic-foam weatherstripping afterward for good measure.
    • Using a silicone-powder lubricant, lubricate the tracks and hinges on your doors annually.
    • Lubricate your garage door track and ensure the surrounding area is sealed to stop insect invasion.
    • Check for fogging in double-paned windows. This is a sign that the seal has failed, and the window will need to be replaced.
    • Replace single-pane windows with double-paned windows. With current tax credits and energy bill savings, this project will pay for itself in just a few years.
    • Check for drafts around your doors and windows every season. If you discover

Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Small spaces require specialized forms of decorating, something that will overshadow the fact that they are small, and bring out instead, their full potential by making them seem larger than they appear. With a few space decorating tips and ideas, it is possible to convert a small space and give it an illusion of being larger than it is. The following Buzzle article will highlight these tips and tricks that you can implement while decorating the room in question.

Classic Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Before starting out on the varied decorating tips, it is important to get one thing in order―clear out the clutter. If a room is cluttered with a lot of things, it closes the space and makes the room appear even smaller than what it actually is. Clear out anything and everything that is not needed and start off from there.

The Walls
The walls and the paints used on them have a huge effect on the appearance of the room. Open up the room by painting it in tones of white and off whites, or other light shades like a pale yellow. This gives the room an open and wider feel. Another option that one can

House Framing Tips

The most important tip to the modern homeowner is to be organized. It is essential to pre-plan the whole exercise and keep updated track of the transactions and trade involved in the framing requirement. This includes the correct assessment and the timely assimilation of the required material to complete the job at hand. It is essential to strike an understanding with the local lumberyard owner or the in-house executives. This is with the intent to ensure that all the material required is delivered on time, including some of the extra trusses and window and door frame requirements. Mechanical requirements should also be taken care of simultaneously. Apply for a gas meter if the work is extensive and also, plan out the desired alterations, especially if they are absolutely necessary for the framing solution. Pre-planning will always save you money, time, and effort later. Settle only for the best deal possible within your budget.

Consider the use of a crane to lift the trusses to the roof and to lift heavy items that need to be stacked within the home prior to the work. You should carefully plan the installation of large items like bathtubs and heating system before the

Tips for Buying Recliner Sofas

Recliner sofas are one of the best kinds of furniture to have around the house. They are also one of the largest pieces of furniture in terms of the space they utilize. A recliner helps one relax while indulging in any other. For example, you can relax on them and watch television or even read a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They are like stress busters.

There are many types available in the market. Each is characterized by a basic backrest, headrest with comfortable cushioning for the arms, and even legs. The types are differentiated by the features they have. Let’s take a quick look at some important points you need to consider before buying recliner sofas.

Think about their basic use. Is it only for you to relax or are you buying it for a specific purpose? The answer to this can help you to choose the perfect recliner sofa.

The space available can help you determine the size of the sofa. If you have a lot of space in the room, then you can surely purchase recliner settees with added features and attachments. Also, where you place the sofa will help you decide the features you

Garage Door Safety Tips

Your home and yard are not the only places that need safety measures. Garages can also be a dangerous place if safety precautions are not taken. Your garage door in particular needs extra safety attention.

It is important to take safety precautions with your garage car door. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently stated that 4 children a year, on average, are killed by car doors. Don’t take the risk of injuries happening to anyone in your family.

Garage doors can crush children if not maintained properly. Car doors are easily the heaviest and largest doors you have. Injuries can quickly happen if safety precautions are not taken.

To avoid having the door crush anyone, check your door’s ability to open and close correctly. Be sure that the door reverses when it touches something before it hits the ground, and if it doesn’t then replace it. Garage door openers are a very important safety tool and should be replaced every 5 years to be most effective.

Garage doors can also pinch fingers. Most garage doors have been fitted with automatic door openers which help against children’s fingers getting pinched from having to close the